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Reporting Criteria
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Reporting Criteria

Wall clouds especially if they are rotating
Hail (Be specific with regard to size; DO NOT report MARBLE size). 
  • (40 mph or greater; specify whether estimated or recorded)
  • large branches downed (specify diameter of branch)
  • Trees/power lines downed
  • Structural damage to buildings (roof, windows, etc.)
  • 1 inch or greater in an hour (NOT a 1"/hr. rate for 10 minutes)
  • 2 inches or greater storm total
  • Streams/Rivers -- also, when nearing bank full
  • Coastal
  • Street (when more than the usual poor drainage puddles)
Winter Weather
  •  Precipitation type change (rain to sleet/freezing rain/snow,  when the change has "taken hold")
  • Thunder, when accompanied by snow
  • 1/3" radial ice accretion (from twig outward; not circumference)


Reporting Procedures


Via the Web/Phone
1. Call the NWS at the toll-free number given to you.
2. IDENTIFY yourself with your Spotter ID # and your name.
3. BRIEFLY describe WHAT was observed an WHEN  and WHERE it was observed.
4. If you cannot reach NWS and you consider your
report to be life-threatening call your local police or fire department.   You should explain who you are, and ask they relay the report to the NWS in Taunton, MA.


1. LISTEN on 146.79 to see if a net is in progress
2. If a net is in progress
   a.   Check into the net
   b.   Follow the instructions of the NCS.
   c.   Keep you report to "criteria" data
3. If a net is not in progress
   a.   Ask for WX1BOX
   b.   Report "criteria" data
   c.  Answer NWS's questions
4. Keep reports short.