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What is SKYWARN?
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SKYWARN is a concept developed to promote a cooperative effort between the National Weather Service and communities. The emphasis of the effort is often focused on the storm spotter, an individual who takes a position near their community and reports wind gusts, hail size, rainfall, and cloud formations that could signal a developing tornado.

SKYWARN members consist of private citizens, amateur radio operators, firefighters, law enforcement officials, and other government officials.  SKYWARN volunteers support their local community and government by providing the National Weather Service with timely and accurate severe weather reports.  The organization of spotters and the distribution of warning information may lies with the National Weather Service. These reports, when integrated with modern National Weather Service technology, are used to issue timely and accurate warnings of impending dangerous and life threatening weather conditions. 



SKYWARN spotters are not by definition "Storm Chasers". While their functions and methods are similar, the spotter stays close to home and usually has ties to a local agency.

There are three goals for SKYWARN